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Auto Insurance

Ohio automobile owners are obligated to evidence auto insurance on record with the state Department of Motor Vehicles. Most insurance companies offer 6 month auto insurance policy agreements.

Auto insurance liability is accident coverage is the minimal driver protection from the cost of another driver’s injury in an “at faulty” collision. When searching for auto insurance, ask about the terms and conditions to claims to a policy. Some drivers are mandated to carry more than liability insurance. It is important to have knowledge of your license classification and driving record before signing on to an auto insurance policy. These are the main categories of auto insurance coverage in Ohio:

Liability Coverage – the basic auto insurance coverage every driver must carry in any U.S. state, liability is mandated under law, and covers another driver's initial property and injury expenses post-collision.

Property Coverage – compensates an automobile owner for property replacement of vehicle parts after it has sustained damage from an accident or vandalism.

Medical Coverage – insures an injured driver’s cost of hospitalization, treatment, and rehabilitation, as well as lost wages, and sometimes funeral expenses.

Comprehensive Coverage – a full-coverage auto insurance policy that compensates a driver(s) for liability, legal, property, and medical costs associated with a claim.

Drivers with a history of traffic tickets, accidents or categorized in a higher risk to rate index, and may be obliged to meet Ohio DMV comprehensive auto coverage requirements. Those having good driving records, can sometimes take advantage of discount incentives offered by insurance companies. A professional insurance broker can assist you in signing on to an auto insurance policy that is suitable for your driving record. Request a quote and the details to a broker's insurance policy offerings, to find out if you are eligible for a good driver discount.

To find out about auto insurance coverage in Ohio, or to request a quote, contact LFL Insurance Agency LLC.

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