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Home Insurance

Ohio homeowners can protect their property and pocketbook from risk events with an insurance policy. Homeowners insurance covers a home, its contents, and visiting guests. When a guest slips and falls, or experiences another injury on your property, you can be sued. Homeowner’s liability coverage insures a property owner from legal fees, as well as extenuated medical expenses and other costs associated with a negligence claim. If natural disaster strikes, homeowners insurance covers the structure of a building, and personal effects.

Eliminate the hassle of paying out-of-pocket for property damage or bodily injury from an disaster or accident incident. A homeowner’s insurance policy is an indemnity agreement that states in writing that a homeowner is protected from the cost of damages.

Here are the standard Homeowners insurance policy agreements:

Comprehensive Coverage – insures a homeowner from building repair and content replacement costs associated with destruction of a home and personal belongings.

Individual Coverage – protects beneficiaries from an insured’s debt obligations, in case of a serious accident or death.

Packaged Indemnity Agreements – coverage of real estate and personal effects in a circumstance of damage or theft.

Combined Life Coverage – life and homeowners insurance policies combined to cover property, personal property, and liability.

A home is a valuable investment that should be protected from disaster and liability. With a homeowner’s insurance policy, property repair and replacement, debt obligations, and guest medical bills can all be covered.

Before signing up for an insurance policy, find out about the suitability of the type of agreement with your property, as well as details to claims processing. Insured can take advantage of incentives and discounts offered for installment of security features that protect property assets. Request consultation from an insurance broker about coverage deductibles, grace periods, and other terms and conditions to a homeowner’s insurance policy.

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